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Collaborative articulation of how abstraction and language is employed in the computational manifestation of numbers -- including analysis of the role of syntax, semantics, and meaning in the specification and use of software interfaces.

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SeaFunc: 2008-02-20 Functional Programming Meetup

Who: SeaFunc, the Seattle area Functional Programming interest meet-up

When: 8:00 pm, Wednesday, February 20

Where: Ralph's Grocery Deli
             2035 4th Avenue
             Seattle, WA 98121

We will be meeting in the cafe area against the South wall.  The Seattle web logger meetup will also be congregating at Ralph's, starting at 7:00 pm.  Yes, there is free WiFi.

These are informal gatherings with the discussion following whatever topics the attendees are interested in and fascinated by at the moment.

Anyone interested in the application, extension, or construction of advanced programming languages, functional or not, is encouraged to come.

Although there is a shared interest in functional-programming systems and their languages (Haskell, Scheme, Lisp, ML, OCaml, Scala, F#, ..., <your favorite here>), the attendees also share interest in general advanced programming-language concepts.  Many of these have historical ties to functional programming:

  • Interactive development systems and dynamic debuggers
  • DSLs: Domain Specific Languages
  • Declarative Programming
  • Dynamic typing and Dynamic scripting languages
  • Generic programming
  • Garbage-collection systems and automatic management of dynamic objects
  • Parallel programming
  • Logic programming
  • Program verification and correctness checking systems
  • Model-based program development and maintenance

SeaFunc began informal meetings in June 2004.  There is a low-volume Yahoo! Group used primarily for meeting notices and notices about related groups that form from time to time (such as LispSEA, a Lisp-programming interest and advocacy group), interspersed with occasional technical questions and other announcements.  There are no dues or other formalities.  It's all volunteer-driven and self-organizing.

Recently, SeaFunc began alternating meetings in the central Seattle area and the East Side (Bellevue-Redmond) area.   The February 20 meeting is the third fourth gathering of 2008.

Also of Interest:

The initial meeting of a Northwest Functional Programming Interest Group is being held at the Seattle Central Library, 1000 4th Avenue, Seattle, from 5:00 - 6:00 pm, also on February 20.  This get-together is an opportunity to meet others interested in the subject and also ponder the prospects for meetings based around presentations and guest speakers.  A functional-programming interest double-header!

For further information, contact L. G. Meredith at Biosimilarity LLC, +1 206.650.3740.

I'll be at both events to see how we might achieve critical mass together.

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