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The Miser Project Is Being Repaved.

Migration to a new server introduced a number of problems that require repairs.  In addition to those defects, some older pages also need to be modified and reorganized for consistency across all The Miser Project.  While the site is being repaved to accomplish both kinds of improvements and upgrade to nfoCentrale-wide formatting, you may notice discrepancies and problems with links to site content.

Check the Site Repaving Project pages for additional details on the known defects and the approach to correction and upgrade. 



The Miser Project site is the collection point for all current and historical materials on the project.

All project areas are weaved together by a consistent construction structure history.  The current construction-history technique is fashioned on that used for all sub-webs of

Construction Logs apply primarily to the physical construction and change of the web site and any mirror on which it resides, including on a file system or CD-ROM.  The construction structure is undertaken in a self-conscious way and it is part of the accountability practiced everywhere on the site.

This Construction Zone provides change information for the Miser Project web site root (Front Page) section:

-- Dennis E. Hamilton
Livorno, Italy
2000 May 7
revised 2004 June 4

With the introduction of a Construction Zone Diary & Job Jar, further change history is provided there.

Change History

2004-06-04-16:36 Convert to nfoCentrale HTML 4.01 Construction Zone Style
All further change history is found there.
2002-07-11-14:05 We have a Logo (orcmid)
I finally created a logo from an image just-added to the oMiser Sketch.  This logo will reflect the stage of Miser development.  Some sections will have this logo (semi-) permanently, and others will take on new flavors of the Miser Theory logo as the work advances from one level to the next.
2002-02-24-14:45 Organize as under structure (orcmid)
The Miser Project subweb is adjusted for independent mirroring under the structure.
1. The subweb is given its own /construction section and collateral sections.
2. The "root" on is already the web forwarding point for
3. Appropriate adjustments to previously-relative references external to the Miser Project are begun, substituting absolute links to independent domains (e.g.,
4. Construction history style is upgraded appropriately for a mirror under
2000-09-02-15:24 Continue Site Expansion (orcmid)
Continuing the expansion, I make further additions to the site structure.
1. Reorganize the outline on the default page to reflect the kind of organization we are producing and to provide linkage to the new sections.
2. Added a projects folder based on the existing ODMA archetype.  Cloned its construction set from the new notes section, and primed a project summary with initial proposed projects.
2000-09-02-10:03 Expand Site Structure (orcmid)
I have been heavily engaged in the support of ODMA this summer, and the level of accountability and clarity introduced and practiced there is beginning to pay off.  I am basing my development of other areas on the experience with ODMA.  I've also learned much about how to organize the site so that people can use materials on-line and off-line.  Off-line usage is intended to encourage people who have such material to always consult the on-line site for the latest material.  I am putting those practices in for the Miser site as well.  I am not dealing with collaboration support yet.  The site is under a single editorship/authorship for now.  I will borrow collaborative support from DMware as more experience is gained there.  
   Today, I am raising the bar on organization of the Miser site.  While engaged with ODMA, I have been expanding my book collection and searching out other materials related to the Miser Project.  It is time to begin organizing and consolidating what I have.  Today's changes provide the framework for that:
1. I spiffed up this construction page a little.  This will be the last place where so much "diary" occurs, because I am creating another place for that.
2. I add the (technical) notes section.  I ponder whether to put a diary in here or not.  I conclude that I don't need a separate diary section, and that kind of note can go with the notes, with a writings section when one is needed, or as part of a projects section, since construction of the site is an internal Miser Project activity.
2000-07-21-16:31 Update Notation Page (orcmid)
Replaced the code specimens by ones that work correctly, and include the files for them too: BinSearch.cpp and
2000-07-19-00:21 Add Notation Page (orcmid)
I added the notation page and primed it with the typography used for code and data elements.
2000-07-18-19:14 Stitch in the new Readings section (orcmid)
2002-02-24: I added a readings section similar to that for Orcmid's Lair.
2000-06-13-16:55 Tweak the Synopsis some more (orcmid)
1. As is my wont, I wordsmithed the synopsis a little more from the changes made on 06-01.  
2. I added a link to Bob Bemer's latest web site.
3. I turned the background of the Miser Project home page to white to reflect its moving from construction placeholder to content placeholder.
4. I linked the Miser Project home page to the miser/Obs subproject.
5. I did the same with the project synopsis.
6. I then tracked down Peter Landin and added a synopsis link for him also.
7. After checking over the initial Miser Obs material, I came back and gave numbers and names to the seven themes.  This is so I can cross-reference and account for them in the contributions of other sections.
2000-06-01-09:22 Spin out separate Obs sub-project (orcmid)
I created a separate Obs subproject and provided the initial construction areas to use for further development.
2000-06-01-08:23 Update Synopsis Acknowledgments (orcmid)
Added influence of Bob Bemer in bringing together the group of people whose ideas and discussions inspired my development of early ideas through which I arrived at the Miser Project.
2000-05-29-17:29 Create Synopsis separate from Project Home Page (orcmid)
The initial project area is expanded to have the synopsis separate from the home page, leaving room to reflect current and planned organizations of the material.
1. The original home page, containing the initial project synopsis, was renamed to be the project synopsis, keeping it on the side for consultation as details change and the project space is populated by more working material.
2. The title of the synopsis page was corrected, eliminating one remaining hangover from the ODMA page that was used to clone the synopsis.
3. The default page still on the VServers mirror was imported back as the default and reduced to a simple default page that references the synopsis, after a minimal summary.  The Title of that page was also corrected.
4. An initial organization is introduced, but only the synopsis has any content at this point.  This organization will change as project materials become available and as the project moves to new stages.
5. The index.htm page is given a last-update link and its title is also corrected to reflect its location under the Miser Project.
2000-05-08-08:12 Cleanup initial materials (orcmid)
1. Adjust some of the wordings at the end of the project statement in default.htm.
2. Repair two errors in this construction log that came from having copied the same pages of the ODMA project as boilerplate.  The date of creation was shown as 1999 instead of 2000 and the project URL was still to http://conclave/infonuovo/odma
3. Corrected spellings and updated the spelling dictionary for material of this Change History.
2000-05-07-15:28 Create /miser project (orcmid)
1. The subdirectory was created for initiation of on-line materials for the independent-scholarship Miser Project.  It is being built with FrontPage 2000 and managed as a typical project on the InfoNuovo site.  Materials are created and maintained on any Personal Web Server development site running on one of the InfoNuovo Centrale computer systems.  This initial creation is on Compagno, the laptop I have with me during a six-week visit to Italy.  Publication of materials as a safeguard and also for availability to others is accomplished by posting to the web site.  
2. Default.htm, index.htm, and construction.htm pages are imported from and customized as the basic construction pages for the new project area.
3. The default.htm page is expanded to provide a summary of the Miser Project and its objectives, at a very high level.
4. The index.htm page is set up to serve as the default entry page of the construction structure, honoring the practice employed for all projects on the site.
5. This construction log, at construction.htm, is edited to carry the information about the initial construction of the project area.
6. The pages are put under Visual Source Safe (via FrontPage 2000) and shared with the VSS project for the VServers mirror area.  The pages will be available for public view the next time that updates to the VServers site are uploaded.

Construction Structure (Hard Hat Area) You are navigating Miser Project construction structure.

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