The Miser Project

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0.11 2017-07-06 18:54

{Ed.Note: This is a placeholder for additional information to be provided after the basic structure is established and other maintenance is brought to the same level.}

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0.11 2014-03-19 Migrate to Construction Material
This material is migrated to the Construction Material section and all tombstones refer to this new location.   Updates will reflect the current methodology along with the employment of consistent styles and formats.  The only alterations here are for integration into the folio structure that was introduced since this note was initiated.
0.10 2002-07-03 Create Initial Boilerplate and make placeholder for more (orcmid)
I had a crash after doing great work updating the sketch.  I will reconstruct it, but it led me to safeguard my work better.   These notes are about the structure that is being created to manage the material and have it preserved on my computers and on the web site. 

Construction Structure (Hard Hat Area) You are navigating construction material
of the Miser Project

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