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in progress 2013-10-13 Ensure that the repaving for all content includes correction of URLs and relative links that reflect the migration to A2 Hosting's LAMP setup.
in progress 2013-10-13 Percolate the repaving from the Front Porch breadth first and then selectively deeper.
in progress
2007-11-11 Conduct repaving of the construction structure starting from the front-porch Construction Zone
  2007-11-11 c071101: There should be a link to the construction structure and construction zone descriptions when they are available.  This is for checking on changes that may be pending or in progress that someone might review when verifying a problem.
  2007-11-11 c071101c: Make a TOC and cleanup the priorities with permalinked sections and titles.
  2007-11-11 c071101: Create a table that shows what modifications were done and when they were done.
done 2013-12-08 c071101c1-c4: The date and links are wrong.  This is the 2007-11-11 Repaving projecct!

The Content Material here was successfully repaved as part of the
2007-11-11 stage of the Site Repaving Project.  Check those pages for additional details of the approach to correction and upgrade.

done 2013-10-13 Update the content of the include pages to reflect this project and what has to be done.
done 2013-10-13 Customize the structure of the boilerplate pages: c071101, c071101a, c071101b, c071101c, c071101b1, c071101c1, c071101c2, c071101c3, an c071101c4
2013-10-13 2007-11-11

Customize this page for immediate usage.  Borrow items from ODMdev c070701 that may be usable here.

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Customize for immediate use in capturing defects and arranging to repair them.

Construction Structure (Hard Hat Area) You are navigating construction material
of the Miser Project

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