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0.01 2013-12-15 -10:17 -0800

The pages here are used as Include Pages for the following announcements on the site:

There have been such incidents in the past.  On occasion, the Blogger service would update the blog posts incorrectly, requiring a clean-up incident.  Fortunately, the site is backed up and in most cases the correct material could be restored, either from Blogger or an FTP backup of the site.

There is no longer any FTP to the site from a third-party service and serious corruption has not been experienced lately.  Although the repaving required because of case-sensitivity on the current web service, along with other misadventures, could have relied on this mechanism, it was not done.

0.01 2013-12-15-10:11 Repaving Conformance
Repave in conformance with current Construction Structure styles, format, and case-sensitivity consistency.
0.00 2004-08-27-13:15 Create construction set for the pages used in incident responses and site slam-down (orcmid)
The Orcmid's Lair pages for site fire-drills, live tests, and incident response announcements are cloned here for usage from a known location independent of any other (logical) site.  Establish a Job Jar for this topic.


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