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This page is under quarantine.

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Incident Response Procedures apply.

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Incident Investigation

The images on this page were obtained from the Microsoft Office 2000 Premium Shared Clip Art collection.  They have been resized and resampled for this page.  The white background of the GIF images is rendered as transparent.


0.01 2013-12-15-10:52 Repaving Consistency
The page is revised to conform to the current Construction Structure styles, format, case-sensitivity consistency, and include-page usage.
0.00 2004-08-27-14:29 Initial Adaptation for Miser Project incident response
The page is created as a substitute for any corrupted page until it can be restored or corrected.  This adaptation is from the original used on Orcmid's Lair.

Hard Hat Area

This site is under quarantine.
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