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Miser Synopsis Concepts


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This note is an anchor for response to questions about Miser Synopsis Concepts.  The main editions of the synopsis are also available here.

This will tie into the FAQ, other Notes, and provide a point for preservation of major editions of the synopsis, if any.

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0.11 2014-03-28-14:30 Transposed into a Folio Structure
The loose pages are moved into a folio structure in the now-standard form by which folder accessions are handled.
0.10 2002-03-03-11:20 Collect Comments in Preparation for Expansion and Resolution (orcmid)
The e-mail commentary from Bill Anderson is captured and a boiler-plate put here for clarifying and expanding on the Miser Project concepts in the synopsis.  This also becomes a place for holding versions of the synopsis concepts being discussed as revisions are entertained.

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