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Evolution of Ob Structure


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{Ed. Note: This is a boilerplate page.  As part of the incorporation of this topic in a folio, this becomes the front page and the notes-to-self and other materials will be handled differently.  The previous content of this page is now within the Folio as the Early Conception.}

Ob: The Structure

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Ob: The Structure

Today (March, 2002), I think of Ob as a mathematical structure, Ob: Obs, Inds, Ops.  

In this structure, Obs is the domain of Ob, Inds are the set of distinguished individuals (also in Obs), and Ops are the fundamental operations/functions/predicates of the structure.  The formalization of the structure comes in through reliance on an informal or formal logical system.  

I also realize today (March 9, 2002) that I should begin speaking of Ob in the singular. This comes from the following realization:

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The notes are preserved in n020300c, and this page becomes the folio cover.
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I started thinking about Miser 0.x and the model that I had then.  This reminded me that the structure is Ob, not Obs, and that Obs are just a way of speaking, so I am capturing that too. 

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