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0.12 2017-08-29 16:40

Sketch History

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Sketch History

Here are preserved the latest copies of each identified version of the sketch.  (That is, 0.10 is the last updating of version 0.10, etc.)

Some of the earlier versions were edited slightly to connect them into this history structure.  From then on, al that we do is rename the archived snapshot, separating it from the evolving, on-going sketch.

0.05 2002-07-17 Working Draft now in progress
The next working draft is being developed here in the Notes section so that the review copy of 0.04 is undisturbed in the sketch section.
0.04 2002-07-17 Completion of a complete sketch pass with stable sections 2-4
There is now a complete pass through the material, with sections 2 through 4 providing the key development in annotated-sketch form.  There are many place-holders.  There will be refinement of this material, but the key ideas are now stable.
0.03 2002-07-10 Expansion into ob.ap-ob.eval and computational completeness
This is recreated version 0.03, not like the original one, but capturing what I had in mind for it, and more.  The main (unfulfilled) goal was to complete section 1.  The expansion of sections 2 and 3 has led me to freeze this version, because I now see where rework is required.  It is time to begin version 0.04 as an overhaul and also look at reorganization for what is now a pretty long document.  I was getting where I felt I was losing my grip on the demonstration of combinatory completeness in ‹ob›, and then found an old 1980-12-15 note of mine where I had worked it out and that still works.  Even though my explanation of what's happening is now along different lines, using the manifestation metaphor which is new for me, I can now move ahead with confidence (whew).
0.02 2002-07-03-15:34 Intermediate Snapshot
This version has some improvements in the conceptual treatment of Ob manifestations.  It is also frozen to provide a point of record before major overhauls and a complete pass that will be version 0.03.  I moved some things around to respond to questions by Bill Anderson, but didn't improve much.
0.01 2002-06-21-20:03 Very-Initial Skeleton Draft
This is my initial struggle to (re-) express pieces of the (semi-) formal theory and the notion of manifest abstractions, along with an informal statement of the intended conceptualization.  I have lots of material, but this is the first effort in 20 years at making a coherent presentation, and most of these ideas (other than the fundamental structure of Obs itself) are the result of intervening study and discussions.  I try out the cloud diagrams, use the notion of where we (or a computer) place "attention."   This is the first time that I settled on oMiser and realized that this can be done as a complete layer in itself.  I shrank the title to this as part of completing this stage.

Sketch Backlog

My brain runneth over.  There are notes and thinking out loud and items like that in the body of sketch versions themselves.  Other notes move out to here and are dealt with or not as time permits.  The sketch backlog is interesting to me, and it might be helpful to others in seeing where I am trying to get with this.

2002-07-10-11:25: Technical Things.  There are some organizational things to provide.  I need to create the oMiser directory, and an oFrugal directory for the definition and construction of those artifacts.  I can register on SourceForge later, after I have done the work for DMware open-source and its license.  I need to know how to make sidebars with text flow around them, just as for images on pages.  I would like to have that all working in version 0.04.  And I need to make a Miser Project logo and stop reusing the Orcmid's Lair one as a placeholder for one.  I can change it, as time goes on, I can even change it as different stages of the Miser Project are taken on.  But I need a logo now.  So I am declaring today a Miser cleanup day while I rest and prepare to do some major hacking and hewing in the jungles of version 0.04.  Remember to have 0.04 start using the images already here in the Note area, so that I don't have to redo those all of the time.  Move the Visio versions of them over here too, for preservation along with the PNG forms.

2002-07-10-11:17: There needs to be a better way to indicate shifts in languaging in the sketch.  Perhaps with sidebars (find out how to do that in HTML) and with indications of the domain that is being spoken in.  At some point we will have the egg face the chicken (and vice versa), but lets keep it as clear as possible so that conversation can be grounded.  I think it will be "turtles all the way down" but the bigger question is, what is it "all the way up?"

2002-07-10-11:14: It looks like we are building up to the following levels of Miser:

Available Materials




0.12 2013-11-30-18:01 Begin Sketch Refactoring
Starting with repaving to the latest Construction Structure style, format, and note identifiers, initiate refactoring for progressive disclosure with links to more elaborate materials.  This will continue for some time.
0.11 2007-05-02-21:16 Convert to Folio of Progressive Versions
The pages are converted to a folio using the latest style, with corrections for case-sensitive implementation of the folio on an Apache service.  This version will be cleaned up once the folio is in place and access is at least as good as prior to the server migration.  The development is supported with a Diary & Job Jar for oMiser Sketch development.
0.10 2002-07-03-14:10 Create Initial Boilerplate and make placeholder for more (orcmid)
I had a crash after doing great work updating the sketch.  This led me to put in a history of the sketches as a safeguard against too much loss in the future and as a way to preserve the refinement of thinking and the pieces that were evaluated, changed, etc.  I then captured the last-backed-up 0.01 here.  

Construction Structure (Hard Hat Area)

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