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The Well-Definedness Bind


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An important quality of ‹ob› is that it is a proper mathematical structure.  In particular all functions, Of, of ‹ob› are well-defined.  This condition of well-definedness accounts for the mathematical and logical straightforwardness of ‹ob› in contrast to typical interpretations of mathematical structures in computational systems.

As much as it preserves the application of mathematics to computational interpretations of ‹ob›, well-definedness creates some difficulties for "natural" manifestations of ‹ob› in computational systems.  This note describes the nature of that bind and its relationship to the maintenance of distributed identity among potentially-cooperating manifestations.

The "bind" is illustrated by a simple and appealing function, ob.proc, one that encapsulates arbitrary Obs as individuals.   Since encapsulation under ‹ob› is important for manifestation of other structures in ‹ob› itself (and hence in manifestations of ‹ob›), understanding the  preservation of well-definedness is crucial to development of principles for Miser extensionality.  It appears that there are also implications for the trustworthiness of cooperative arrangements and the "interchange" of Obs (i.e., manifestations) among cooperating Miser systems.

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Sketch the basic situation and what it implies for the manifestation of Obs with oMiser.

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