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Self-Reference in ‹ob›


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Self-reference is used to denote any situation in which someone or something refers to itself.  A recent conference [PhiLog2002] is devoted to the issue of self-reference in philosophy, mathematics and computer science.  The announcement of that conference triggered my thinking about this.

The theoretical foundation for Miser, the mathematical structure  ‹ob›, exhibits self-reference in a variety of ways.   There are two cases which are quite benign and not problematic in any apparent way.  

However, one can use the universal computational function of Miser to represent self-referential situations that are problematical.  We will identify and explore a particular example, after first disposing of those which, up to that point, appear completely benign.

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 Outline the basic situation and what it implies for self-reference in ‹ob› and oMiser/oFrugal.

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