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The Construction and Content Material here was created in conformance with the style requirements of the
Site Repaving Project.  Check that folder for additional details of the approach to correction and upgrade.

done 2017-07-24 Correct nfoworks to miser in all of the top right corner mouse tracks
done 2017-07-08 Fix the Creative Commons button on the page.  Or get rid of it. [dh:2017-07-08 Got rid of it on all content-page footers]
done 2017-07-08 Find a way for the bulleted list on the front page to render consistently or get rid of the bullets. [dh:2017-07-08 Got rid of the right-aligned bulleted list]
done 2017-07-07 Switch the front page and publish the site.
2017-06-25 Make a new-format Welcome, the Bootstrap Stage, page as n170601d1 and tie to its document engineering. [dh:2017-07-07 I made it the oMiser Conception stage with Bootstrapping to apply when code is established.]
done 2017-07-06 Ti e the n170601d1 main image to the welcome page when it exists. [dh:2017-07-06 I created n170601d2.vsdx and n170601d2.png for the central <ob> image built from the omisertheory-logo image .vsd file.
done 2017-07-06 Grab a copy of ODMAdev hardhat-button.gif to images here and tie into n170601d1 footer.
2017-06-25 Include components in  n170601c1 do not link properly.   Try root-relative paths.   I need to see how this is done with other front pages. [dh:2017007-06 This appears to be a mistake.  Everything seems to be working properly.]
done 2017-07-06 Find a larger image for n170601d1.
done 2017-07-06 n170601c1: Add ClustrMap back onto page and confirm it's all working
done 2017-06-25 Take-Over the Provisional Front Page as n170601c1, shared to b1 and to the front-page default
done 2017-06-25 Make placeholders for n170601, n170601b, and n170601c too
done 2017-06-25

Create this page ready for recording Diary & Job Jar items of this nfoNote.

Revision History:
0.0.0 2017-06-05-15:44 Create Initial Placeholder
Introduce an initial placeholder that serve as a target of links and provides a diary & job jar that can be employed immediately.

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