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2014-04-27 -18:13 -0700

Superior Zone: Miser Project Construction Zone
Local Zone: construction.htm  Construction Zone (this page)
     c000000.htm Diary & Job Jar
       index.htm notes/ Construction Structure
Subordinate Zones: [none]
Related Materials: Construction Materials


This Construction Structure was successfully repaved as part of the
2007-11-11 stage of the Site Repaving Project.  Check those pages for additional details of the approach to correction and upgrade. 


This construction zone is part of the basic scaffolding for populating content of the Miser Project notes/ section.

Change History

2013-10-23-09:31 Change History in the Diary & Job jar
Since 2007 the change history is carried as part of the status of work items in the Diary & Job ar.  In 2013, this Construction Zone is repaved to have the lastest nfoCentrale styles and format.  There is no further change history captured here.

2002-02-25-23:40 Consolidate as part of Preparation
1. The construction structure is updated for establishing the mirror under
2. The n00-next.htm page is eliminated in favor of a single n00-log.htm file.  This allows a complete history in the log.  At some point, I can make an active.htm file if needed to indicate which notes are current and relevant.  [dh:2013-11-30 These have since been replaced by n000001.htm.]
3. Notes are reviewed and adjusted to ensure consistency under the mirror.
2000-09-02-10:11 Create miser/notes Section and Construction Log (orcmid)
1. The notes section is created to provide technical notes related to the work on the Miser Project.  Some of the more-self-conscious gatherings can go here rather than be woven into the construction material.
2. I established an index.htm and this construction.log to provide the initial construction structure.
3. I set up a default page as a place-holder for what is to come.  I am going to use an N-series set of notes pages, and logs, in the manner that I have adopted for the ODMA Support and FAQtip pages.  This will help me organize my notes appropriately.
4. I cloned the pages n00-log and n00-next  from the log pages used for ODMA FAQtips.  This let me populate the initial log topics and get that much off my mind.

Construction Structure (Hard Hat Area) You are navigating Miser Project construction structure.

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