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The Miser Project is a practical exploration of key concepts at the foundation of computer-science.  

The Miser Obs derive from the abstract structure, ‹ob›, providing the fundamental data structure in the Miser approach.

The basic data elements of Miser are different from the structures used in conventional programming systems.  These elements are similar to those of Lisp and other list-processing languages.  They provide an elementary data organization that can be used as an all-purpose carrier or encoder for anything else we may require.

Obs also provide, through applicative interpretation, access to entities and operations that are external to ‹ob› yet (seemingly) accessible and usable as if part of it.  In this way, ‹ob›, itself delivered as a manifestation, is isable as a means for manifestation of entities other than those of ‹ob›.

[Note: work on the oMiser sketch is providing details of ‹ob› that are not yet reflected here.  For now, consult the sketch.   -- dh:2002-07-14]



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