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Collaborative articulation of how abstraction and language is employed in the computational manifestation of numbers -- including analysis of the role of syntax, semantics, and meaning in the specification and use of software interfaces.

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BlunderDome Disruption

I’ve been engaged in some serious web site reorganization over the past week.  Today, the movers are coming to the Miser Project and Numbering Peano. 

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What this means for readers of this blog is that the best reception will be found at URLs like  and not  In fact, the second URL and the site feed at that same location will be not see any more blog updates for several weeks.

The Numbering Peano blog and feed at http://miser-theory/info/astraendo/pn  will see little or no interruption.  There may be some temporary breakage until the construction crew can straighten things out.  

To know more about what is happening and why, there is an account on my little-known blog, Spanner Wingnut’s Muddleware Lab.

Construction Structure (Hard Hat Area) You are navigating The Miser Project.

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