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This is the Miser Project /oFrugal section.  

This is the section for the development of the oFrugal software package: 

There are intended to be two release progressions: one developed to make use of the oMiser library built under Win32 and Microsoft COM interfaces, the other developed to use the .NET version.  The first is designed to provide for portable implementation on other platforms, and is basically a console application that uses only POSIX interfaces for its functions.

The first oFrugal implementation can be in any scripting language, or in C++, or in other languages that can use the oMiser32 library interfaces.  This implementation will arrive more quickly because it is already established that the COM interface model is entirely sufficient for delivering manifestations of ‹ob›.

The second oFrugal implementation, can be in C# or in any other .NET language in which the interfaces can be properly exercised.  (This equivocal stance is based on the fact that I haven't satisfied myself about how interfaces work in the Common Language Infrastructure and in the .NET languages.  I expect to do that.  I haven't confirmed it for myself at sufficient technical depth at this point.)

oFrugal is a computer program that uses a platform's oMiser library to deliver operation and exercise of a computational manifestation of  ‹ob› to an user interface.  It provides ways to save work and import work for later re-use.  It is pretty rudimentary, since it operates with an ‹ob› in which there are no symbols, only constants and expressions using those constants and the primitive operations of ‹ob›.  

Development is tied to the oMiser Sketch, and that is the source of information until more detail is available here.

This page, index.htm , is part of the engineering, construction management, maintenance, and infrastructure of the Miser Project web.  You are welcome to explore this and other construction-information pages.   You'll need your hard hat and safety shoes.

This page is presented on visiting the oFrugal section of the site when content is unavailable or the construction crew is blasting in the area.  To find meaningful content, check back later.  It may be a while.

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