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Collaborative articulation of how abstraction and language is employed in the computational manifestation of numbers -- including analysis of the role of syntax, semantics, and meaning in the specification and use of software interfaces.

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Alan Turing Birthday: July 23, Centenary: 2012

I just learned that July 23, 1912 is Alan Turing’s birth date. 

There will be a centenary celebration throughout 2012 with UK events held in Cambridge, Manchester, and Bletchley Park.  There are already many interesting links on the site and among the Turing Centenary Advisory Committee.

Bletchley Park, where the work on cryptography was instrumental in the conduct of World War II, has fallen into disrepair and neglect.  One hopes that renewed attention on the life of Alan Turing may bolster support through 2012 and beyond.

[I’m thinking maybe this is an interesting way to finally meet-up with Charles Petzold.  I might even have more to offer on insights about computation that I have gained from the Miser Project by then.  This year is the time to renew my attention on that.]

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