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0.01 2010-04-30 -20:39 -0700

This Is a Test

This is a test of the Incident Response Procedures
for The Miser Project and associated sites.

Were this not a test, a "Please Stand By"
or a Quarantine page would appear here. 

"Please Stand By" is used when technical difficulties
are experienced and accurate status is not known.  
"Please Stand By" remains until incident assessment
determines better status and temporary repairs.  

0.01 2013-12-15-10:37 Repaving Conformance
The page is updated to conform to the latest Construction Structure styles, format, and case-sensitivity consistency.  Customization for location as a template is completed.  This page uses relative references and is not used directly.  An included copy of the page is used at the location where it is actually used, such as on the site front porch.
0.00 2004-08-27-14:07 Initial Test Version (orcmid)
This page is adapted from the similar one placed in use on Orcmid's Lair.

Construction Structure (Hard Hat Area)

This site is under test.
Navigate at your own risk.

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