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Construction Structure


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Superior Structure: Miser Project Construction Structure (front porch)
Miser Project Construction Zone (front porch)
Local Infrastructure:
        index.htm Miser Project construction Construction Structure (this page)
 construction.htm Miser Project construction/ Construction Zone
      c000000.htm Miser Project construction/ Construction Zone Diary & Job Jar
Immediate Content:       c000001.htm Miser Project construction/ Content Material (catalog)
      c000002.htm Miser Project construction/ Anchor Site (obsolete)
       orcmid.htm Miser Project construction/ What's an Orcmid (obsolete?)
Subordinate Structure:          2002/    Miser Project Construction Notes for 2002
         2007/    Miser Project Construction Notes for 2007
    templates/    Miser Project Construction Templates


The Content Material here was successfully repaved as part of the
2007-11-11 stage of the Site Repaving Project.  Check those pages for additional details of the approach to correction and upgrade.


You've reached construction/ , a portion of the Miser Project web site.  This area is devoted to information about the overall construction and maintenance of Miser Project material on the Web.

This area is part of the engineering, construction management, maintenance, and infrastructure for the Miser Project.  You are welcome to explore this and other construction-information pages.   You'll need your hard hat and safety shoes.  

When there is more content for this area, the entrance to this section will have a "home page" that provides access to that content.  Sometimes the "home page" (usually a default.htm page) is removed to block access while the construction crew is blasting in the area.  If you are looking for the content, try again later or, if you are losing patience, encourage orcmid to provide it. 

Construction Structure (Hard Hat Area)

You are navigating Miser Project construction structure.

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