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The Miser Project Is Being Repaved.

Migration to a new server introduced a number of problems that require repairs.  In addition to those defects, some older pages also need to be modified and reorganized for consistency across all The Miser Project.  While the site is being repaved to accomplish both kinds of improvements and upgrade to nfoCentrale-wide formatting, you may notice discrepancies and problems with links to site content.

Check the Site Repaving Project pages for additional details on the known defects and the approach to correction and upgrade. 



This construction zone is part of the basic scaffolding for populating content of the Miser Project astraendo/ section.

Change History

2013-10-19-18:40 Repave
The construction zone is repaved in the standard nfoCentrale construction structure style.  All further change history is in the Diary and Job Jar.
2004-05-31-08:20 Create /astraendo Section (orcmid)
1. Use Orcmid's Lair /blog section as a boilerplate for setting up /astraendo as a place for focused weblogs on abstraction topics.  
2. I am making this area a part of The Miser Project that is maintained from and holds the blog page(s) and the archiving that is done.
3. I have a standard construction structure for this section even though the content arrives in a different way.  There will need to be special
accommodations for the fact that material in this section comes from two different uncoordinated sources, at least for now.
4. This is an application of web logging as a way to articulate some important concepts around (formal) abstractions in computing.  Self-conscious discussion of blogging and related technologies are found on Orcmid's Lair and under the nfoWare initiative.
5. Now that there is a construction zone in place, more information can be found in the Diary.  All further change history will be captured there.

Construction Structure (Hard Hat Area) You are navigating Miser Project construction structure.

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