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The Content Material here was successfully repaved as part of the
2007-11-11 stage of the Site Repaving Project.  Check those pages for additional details of the approach to correction and upgrade.


This is the construction zone for Construction Materials of the Miser Project site.

Along with improvements to the construction style of all nfoCentrale sites, the change history is now continued in the Diary & Job Jar.

Change History

2013-10-19-20:12 Adjusted to Repaved Construction Zone Structure
The table is added.  All related work items and notes are in the Diary & Job Jar.
2002-10-13-19:49 Minimal Cloaking Accommodation (orcmid)
1. Cloaking has been added to the Web Forwarding, so that pages are likely to be framed.  This creates special requirements for links that go beyond an site.  Also, some relative links need to be "grounded" with target=_top (such as this page's link to the anchor site Hard Hat Area).
2. This and other considerations will be described under Centrale.  Meanwhile, the minimal cloaking accomodation is being added to this site for proper handling of the already-established cloaking.
2002-07-14-09:45 Expand Construction Information and Use of Images (orcmid)
1. The index page of this section is updated to provide more context for the local construction section, including references to the anchor site for further principles.
2. As I touch these pages, I also look for spell-checker flags and clean them up.
3. Finally, the updating of the oMiserTheory-logo image to have the grey cloud show through in solid color changed the pixel dimensions of the image.  It is necessary to change the image properties "Appearance" settings so that the new dimensions are accepted, rather than having the new image scaled to the dimensions of the previous version of the image.
2002-03-31-18:56 Migrate to (orcmid)
1. All links out of, the anchoring of, are corrected to be relative to the anchor or to be absolute (e.g., to
2. Incoming relative links were altered to be links via
3. There are absolute links to that remain to be repaired.  These appear to be mainly in  These are left to be resolved as part of the migration of
4. Using FrontPage 2000, the directory compagno/nfoCentrale/miser/ was created on the compagno PWS 4.0 development server, and the miser directory was made a sub-web.  This sub-web was placed under Visual Source Safe control with project $/nfoCentrale Compagno Web/miser.
5. Using Visual Source Safe sharing, the files and directories of $/InfoNuovo Conclave Web/miser were shared into the $/nfoCentrale Compagno Web/miser project.  The shares were then broken, branching all of the files in the $/nfoCentrale Compagno Web/miser project.  A VSS Get Latest Version operation was used to bring the files into the compagno/nfoCentrale/miser/ section of the compagno PWS ready for FrontPage 2000 usage.  I used a FrontPage Recalculate Hyperlinks operation to get everything straight.  (For some reason, the files all showed up as checked out, so I undid all of the checkouts.)
6. Satisfied that I had migrated everything to the development area, I then shared everything but _vti_pvt into the $/nfoCentrale bCentral Web/web/miser project.  A VSS Get Latest Version was used to move that material into the image on compagno and the files were added to by FTP.
7. Once the mirroring of miser material onto was confirmed, I went to my VeriSign account and administered the Web Forwarding for domain, changing it from to
8. Once the change to web forwarding is complete, all further activity will be with the mirror on  Appropriate tombstones will be added to, but the main difference will be removal of the sub-web from the $/InfoNuovo Conclave Web project and from that part of the compagno PWS 4.0 development site.  All further work is on the compagno/nfoCentrale/miser sub-web.
2002-02-24-07:12 Create Initial /construction section (orcmid)
   1. In order to allow independent mirroring of the Miser Project sections, there is an independent construction structure that will vary depending on the location of the mirror (e.g., on CD-ROM, at a different web location, or on a hard drive directory structure).  
   2. To initiate separation from Orcmid's Lair, the /_private, /images, and this /construction section are established, following the standard construction structure of sub-webs.

Construction Structure (Hard Hat Area)

You are navigating Miser Project construction structure.

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